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October 19, 2018
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Mindful Medicinal 500mg CBD Tincture Drops



Ready to use out of the box, our sublingual drops are infused in Medium Chain Triglyceride Coconut oil. MCT oil molecules are smaller so they can permeate our cell membranes more easily and don’t require that we use special enzymes in order for our bodies to utilize them. This increases the effectiveness of the delivery of Cannabidiol. Our CBD Tincture contains 32mg of CBD isolate per mL (500 mg total).

  • Each bottle is 500mg of pure CBD
  • 1 full dropper is ~16.5mg of pure CBD
  • Daily recommended usage: 1 dropper daily or as needed, held under the tongue (sublingually) for 3-5 seconds and then swallowed.
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