10% THC Cap Passes Florida House

10% THC Cap Passes Florida House

Today, the Florida House voted to limit the amount of THC available to minors in the state’s medical marijuana system. They did so by passing a larger healthcare package (HB 713) initiative by a voice vote. An amendment in this initiative, added by Rep Ray Rodrigues, limits the amount of THC available to medical marijuana patients under the age of 21 to less than 10% THC.

The State’s medical marijuana system already forces minors to seek out two doctor recommendations from two different doctors just to have cannabis available to them. The amendment that passed today requires the patient to be considered terminally ill to have access to cannabis with more than 10%.

Rodrigues said limiting the potency of THC for younger patients is necessary, citing research that has shown cannabis can damage the developing brains of children.

But Rep. Carlos Guillermo Smith, an Orlando Democrat, opposed the cap,

“What we are doing is we’re imposing a cap on THC that doctors, patients, and families are not asking for. I believe that this amendment is a prohibitionist amendment that is written by individuals who do not support the legal medical cannabis program that we have in our state, that has been imposed on the Legislature by the will of the voters.”

Last week a similar initiative was heard during a Senate Rules Committee. Senator Gayle Harrell filled an amendment attached to a larger healthcare package in order to prohibit the amount of THC available to minors to less than 10% in Florida’s medical marijuana system.

During the Committee, when Harrell was questioned about the amendment, she was unable to answer questions and stumbled on her words. She later withdrew the amendment from the committee but it is still in danger of passing.

If Harrell’s amendment passes in the senate it will pass what happened today in the house. It’s important, now more than ever, to contact your local State Senator and voice why you don’t think a THC Cap to our constitutional right to medical cannabis isn’t a good idea.

Please contact your senator and voice why a THC cap should not pass.

The FL THC cap legislation doesn’t just effect patients under 21. They are also trying to restrict edible supply and daily dose limits, etc. They pass unconstitutional legislation, get sued, fights the lawsuits on the taxpayers’ dime, lose, and appeal again on the taxpayers’ dime. Fighting the same taxpayers who voted for Amendment 2 with their own money. And contract attorneys. Someone needs to start digging deeper. Speaker of the House orchestrating the strong arm of this initiative has a family-owned cigar company. 🤔 Which of these Reps and Senators receive $ from tobacco, alcohol, and pharmaceutical companies?How much more will we allow these politicians to FIGHT the will of the people they’re elected to SERVE (on the voters’ dime at that)?

Posted by Moriah Barnhart on Wednesday, March 4, 2020
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