14% of Americans Claim to Use CBD

14% of Americans Claim to Use CBD

According to a Gallup poll, that was released a week ago, one in seven Americans claim to use CBD. Ever since the 2018 Farm Bill took Hemp based CBD off the controlled substance list… well… it’s everywhere! However, the FDA is still researching CBD and some states are restricting it.

While the Gallup Poll finds that 14% of US adults are using CBD, 50% are not using CBD and 35% are not at all familiar with it.  Twenty percent of young adults (under 30) claim to use CBD, but both the usage and familiarity of CBD decrease as age increases. Only 8% of seniors (65+) say they use CBD, almost half (49%) are not familiar.

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What can we infer from the data?

CBD is growing in popularity, but we’ve only seen the beginning. About half the population claims not to use CBD and 35% hasn’t even heard of it.  Since such a small number of seniors claim to use it… it would be safe to assume that they make up most of the percentage of those who don’t use it or never heard of it. If this is the case, that would mean that the population that could benefit the most from CBD still isn’t using it. Seniors tend to suffer from a lot of pain and inflammation and since CBD is non-euphoric it could be very attractive to this demographic. CBD is on the rise and its future may lie with our senior population.

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    Great info. Going to definitely look more into it

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