How to Use a Spoon Pipe

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How to Use a Spoon Pipe

The most common type of glass pipe is a spoon pipe. Many of you may have seen one before. They are simple and easy to use. But we realize that many of you may be new to the game and might need a little bit of help using these kinds of pipes. So we decided to make you guys a quick and easy tutorial on how to use a spoon pipe.

How to Smoke Out of a Spoon Pipe

  1. Grab your spoon pipe
  2. Grab some dried herbs
  3. Break up the dried herbs
  4. Pack the broken up herbs into the bowl of your spoon
  5. Place your thumb over the carb
  6. While your thumb is over the carb put the spoon to your lips
  7. While your spoon is to your lips and your thumb is over the carb, hold an open flame to the dry herb
  8. Inhale
  9. Lift your thumb from the carb , keep inhaling.
  10. Exhale
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