5 Benefits You Didn’t Know About Hemp

5 Benefits You Didn’t Know About Hemp

You might have heard that CBD comes from the hemp plant. You might already know a thing or two about the hemp plant.  Buzzwords like hemp extract oil, CBD and phytocannabinoids are thrown around a lot.  We carry several different CBD products at Chillum CBD Dispensary, and they all come from the hemp plant. There are so many more benefits to hemp!

The hemp plant is a really astounding plant. There are a ton of benefits from the hemp plant that do not include CBD.  Here are 5 things that you might not know about the hemp plant, but you should…

Hemp Cleans Up Soil

Farmers are in the business of using their land to grow plants.  Plants need nutrients in the soil to grow properly, many of the plants we farm will pull as many nutrients from the soil as possible to grow as well as they possibly can.  Hemp doesn’t!  Don’t get us wrong, hemp does pull nutrients from the soil to grow, but what hemp does differently is it replenishes nutrients back into the soil. This is a process called phytoremediation.

An example when hemp was used for its phytoremediation abilities is the famous nuclear reactor in Chernobyl. Hemp was used to clean the soil around the nuclear disaster.  It literally cleaned up radioactive nuclear waste.

Hemp Can Build Buildings

Ok!  Seriously!  You might not believe me, but hemp can be used to build buildings. This is one of the most interesting benefits from the hemp plant.

Hemp can be used to make concrete. It is called hempcrete, and it is a bio composite made of the inner woody core of the hemp plant and mixed with a lime-based binder.  Hempcrete is nontoxic, mold resistant, a great insulator, offers humidity control, and gives off a negative carbon footprint.

So not only can you build a house with hempcrete, but it is better than concrete.

No Limit to the Benefits of Hemp

It can clean soil while it grows!  You can build a building out of it!  Did you know that hemp can also make: fabric, plastic, ropes and paper?

Well… it can! Not to mention that hemp products tend to have a higher quality and are cheaper to produce than many of their counterparts. The benefits to the hemp plant are endless.

People Have Benefited from Hemp for a Really Long Time

We haven’t been using many hemp products lately because hemp was lumped in, and made illegal, with its close cousin cannabis. But this is a rare time in the history of the hemp plant. 

Hemp was used in almost all medicine and foods.  Hemp was first used back in ancient China. In ancient times, hemp was used for so many fabrics, the word canva is thought to come from the word hemp. The benefits of the hemp plant go on and on over time.

Hemp Can Save the World

So, I realize that is a large blanket statement.  But the truth is, if anything has a shot at saving the world it is the hemp plant. Hemp is a renewable resource, meaning if we want more hemp all we need to do is grow more. Hemp replaces many things that aren’t renewable. Like how we cut down the forest in order to make paper, or how we drill for oil. 

Like Jack Herer said,

“I don’t know if hemp can save the world, but it is the only thing that can.”

Learn more about the benefits of hemp!

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