Americans Wrongfully Assume CBD is FDA Approved

Americans Wrongfully Assume CBD is FDA Approved

CBD has never actually been regulated, and it certainly isn’t regulated by the FDA. Confusing? Understandably so, CBD is basically everywhere

The CBD Craze

The CBD craze has hit Florida and has hit Florida hard. Chillum CBD Dispensary was the first CBD Dispensary to hit the Tampa Bay area, and since we opened, we’ve seen many CBD places pop up.  We’ve seen everything from CBD Stores, to headshops claiming to be CBD Dispensaries, to gas stations selling CBD.  Even Winn-Dixie is picking up some CBD products. But just because it is popular doesn’t mean it is safe, or even that the government has approved it.

Most people think if it is for sale in the US then the government must have approved it but that isn’t always the case. A new survey conducted by the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) found that 76% of people assume CBD has been approved by the government.  Also, of the 2,056 subjects surveyed, 53% think the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulated CBD.

CBD isn’t FDA Approved

With how quickly the CBD craze has grown, these findings aren’t surprising. You can buy CBD pretty much everywhere. As a popular CBD Dispensary, we get about 4 new companies a day trying to sell us their CBD products, and you can get “CBD infused everything” like candies, chocolates, lotions, even CBD spray tans.

CBD is everywhere!  Even in spray tans!  But is this a safe way to take CBD? Is this even and effective way to take CBD? It for sure isn't FDA approved.
Highly doubt these CBD spray tans are FDA approved. Also CBD spray tans are probably the worst way for someone to take their dose of CBD.

However, all these places and products operate outside of the FDA. Which brings up some concerns.  Chillum CBD Dispensary has always self-regulated, not many places do this.

These CBD companies can basically do whatever they want, except make any medical claims. Studies have been done that have found harmful chemicals in CBD products, some companies don’t even put CBD in their products. Lawsuits have even been filed against some CBD companies for selling products that are labeled wrong.

We here it all the time in the store:

CBD didn’t work for me!

I tried CBD before and it got me high!

CBD didn’t get you high! It is impossible.  What is possible is you purchased CBD with kratom, melatonin, or K2 in it and that made you feel like you were stoned.

The FDA doesn’t regulate CBD, so these companies have been able to do whatever they want. Now, the USDA has put out some regulations for cultivating hemp, and the Florida Department of Agriculture has put out regulations for the cultivation and sale of hemp-based CBD products. Mostly having to do with testing and labeling.  

Things ruth is you must be careful buying CBD. Buying it from a reputable place, like Chillum Dispensary, is a good way to go about it. But be sure you educate yourself on the product before you buy it. There are certain things you should look for.

What Should You Look For?

  • Good Reviews.  The internet is full of reviews on CBD products, first thing you should do have good reviews
  • Lawsuits?  If the company has had legal issues in the past you can easily find that info online.  If that company has wronged a customer before chances are a lawsuit was filed.
  • Certificate of Analysis (COA). These are test results, done by professional labs, that show exactly what is in the product.  They are normally done with High Performance Liquid Chromatography machines. There are many different things that a company can test for.  They will at least test for cannabinoid profiles, this is done to ensure what the product has high levels of CBD, and low levels of THC.  THC levels at least must be done to show that the product is legal for sale. Look for a company that also tests for any pesticides, toxins, or residual solvents.  That way you know your product is legal, safe, and doesn’t have any harmful chemicals in it.
  • QR Codes.  Look for products that post QR codes directly onto the bottle that leads to a COA online that matches the batch info on the product.
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