Both Republicans and Democrats are Trying to Legalize Marijuana in Florida

Both Republicans and Democrats are Trying to Legalize Marijuana in Florida

Hours after Sen Jeff Brandes, a republican, filed an adult use of cannabis bill in the Senate (SB 1860), Rep. Carlos Guillermo Smith, a democrat, filled a companion bill in the Florida House of Representatives (HB 1389). The two bills are almost identical to one another.

Both would allow adults (21 and up), regardless of medical status, to possess up to 2.5 ounces of cannabis with up to 2 grams of THC, and they also both refer to the purchase and possession of the whole flower or other cannabis products that can be delivered through vaporization or taken orally or topically.  

Public use would not be permitted and would carry a $200 fine. They both would allow private property owners the right to restrict smoking and/or vaping on their properties but would prevent landlords from keeping their tenants from possessing and smoking cannabis in their homes.

Current licensed vertically integrated medical marijuana stores (MMTCs) would be the entities that would legally able to sell cannabis. But the bills would change the current vertically integrated system.  The bills would require the Department of Health to issue licenses for cultivation, processing, retail, and transportation.

The only real issue with both is that they do not mention homegrown cannabis. Does that mean passing the bills would completely bar out home grows?  No…. but it is best to assume the worst with Florida politics.

Other than that, the bills seem to be pretty good!  The fact that there are 2 bills that agree so well with each other going through the Florida House and Senate is a good sign, but an even better sign that they may both get passed is that one was filed by a republican and another was filled by a democrat.  Meaning, these efforts to legalize cannabis, through the Florida legislature, has bipartisan support. Which ultimately might mean they will pass.

Chillum Glass Gallery and CBD Dispensary is not a Medical Marijuana Treatment Center and we do not sell marijuana. Any of the products we sell are NOT for the use of cannabis and are sold for tobacco and hemp based CBD use only. That being said we are advocates for reform and are happy to report anything happening in the movement.

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