CBD is “Psychoactive”

CBD is “Psychoactive”

Before we start! CBD does not get you “high”! However, the question being “Is CBD Psychoactive”, the answer is yes! CBD is Psychoactive!

Is CBD Really Psychoactive?

Let’s start off with the word in question…

Definition taken from Merriam-Webster online dictionary:


adjective psy·​cho·​ac·​tive | \ ˌsī-kō-ˈak-tiv  \

: affecting the mind or behavior

Everyone loves to talk about CBD and how it is “non-psychoactive”. 

That is just not true and a horrible misinterpretation!

Why do People Make this Mistake?

This overly common mistake is possibly due to combination of:

  • An oversized market (there are a lot of people out there selling CBD)
  • Poor marketing efforts
  • And… well… most people not knowing what words mean.

The term that the CBD community should be using is “non-intoxicating”.  Meaning CBD doesn’t get you “high”, like its cannabinoid cousin THC.

CBD does in fact effect your mind and behavior. Many people use CBD for that very reason.  At Chillum CBD Dispensary we like to inform our customers that the effect of CBD is a “calm focus”.  The fact that many people use CBD to help with their anxiety means that it effects their mind and their behavior.

Should we be Concerned?

Is the fact that CBD is psychoactive an actual concern?

No… not at all.

A good way of thinking about it’s psychoactive effects is by comparing it to caffeine. Caffeine is psychoactive, if you drink coffee it wakes you up, but it doesn’t get you high! CBD provides a calm focus effect rather than waking you up, but you get the idea! Since it is psychoactive and non-intoxicating, it could be a benefit to CBD and those who use it.

The statement that CBD is non-intoxicating and psychoactive means that it is the only thing out there that can be helpful for anxiety and pain and not actually get you “high”.

Just about everything used for anxiety and pain gets you “high”.

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