CBD Products Now Sold at Winn-Dixie

CBD Products Now Sold at Winn-Dixie

Southern Grocers, which owns Winn-Dixie, is now selling CBD. They launched a range of CBD products at approximately 150 retail locations in Florida and South Carolina.  Now offering 65 CBD infused items, including topicals, supplements, and pet products from a variety of different brands.

We at Chillum CBD Dispensary are happy to hear that Winn-Dixie will be providing CBD products.  However, we highly urge Winn-Dixie to provide their staff training on such topics as dosing and delivery methods. Although we know Winn-Dixie will carry more quality products than many of the gas stations and head shops that now carry “bunk” CBD. However, we found that many people have issues figuring out these complicated topics therefore need further assistance.

However, we are happy that CBD is more accessible to the public and we find this a monumental time for erasing the stigmas associated with cannabis and hemp.

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