CBD Tincture: 5 Things You Should Know

CBD Tincture: 5 Things You Should Know

CBD has become pretty popular. Also, CBD tinctures have become one of the most popular ways to consume CBD!

Why have CBD tinctures become so popular? Well… they are fast acting and a great way to measure out your dose.

You shouldn’t just rush to your local gas station to buy your CBD tincture!!! In any market place, but especially for CBD, it is important to become an informed consumer.

Want to Use a CBD Tincture? Here are 5 Things You Should Know:

A CBD Tincture is not the Only CBD Oil

CBD is from a class of oil based chemical compounds called cannabinoids.  Meaning CBD itself is an oil. Many people get confused on this, thinking CBD tinctures are the only kind of CBD oil. 

This is understandable though, since many tinctures use an oil as a cutting agent, MCT Oil, Olive Oil, vegetable glycerin and Hemp Seed Oil is normally used.

Extraction and consumption method are the key difference between the two. Traditionally a tincture a mixture of CBD oil and a carrier agent . For example, you would make an alcohol tincture by simply soaking CBD plant material in alcohol, then straining the plant material after enough time has passed for the oils to be extracted into the alcohol.

Tinctures are traditionally taken under the tongue.  We often refer to them as sublingual drops at Chillum CBD Dispensary. This is because we recommend dropping the tincture under the tongue and holding it there for a few minutes before swallowing.  This aids in the absorption of the CBD allowing the CBD to take effect in 20 min or so.

Always Check the Label of Your Tincture

Most CBD products will be labeled with a milligram content of CBD. It is important to check the volume of the product as well.  A product with a high MG content might seem strong but might be week due to a high volume. 

Treat it as a math problem where you reduce the mg content to the content of 1 ml. For example, a bottle that claims 3500mg/60ml is weaker than a bottle that claims 3000mg/30ml.  Although the first bottle boasts a mg content of 3500mg (500mg more than the 2nd bottle), if we reduce the mg content to one ml: (3500mg/60ml = 58.33mg/1ml) vs (3000mg/30ml = 100mg/1ml). We find that the second bottle is almost twice as strong as the first bottle.  Even though the first bottle boast a higher CBD percentage.

Check to see if the label has a QR code that, when scanned, leads to a Certificate of Analysis (COA). A COA is what you get after you test your CBD product.  This is normally done by an ISO certified lab and should at the very least show cannabinoid profiles of the product.  Different COAs can also show terpene profiles and tests for any solvents and pesticides that could have been used.  Check to make sure the COA was done recently and matches any claims that are made on the label.

Also make sure that there are no contradictions on the label.  The biggest contradiction we’ve seen are on products that claim to be “full spectrum” and contains no Delta-9 THC.  This is a contradiction because making the claim that your product is “full spectrum” is making the claim that the product contains trace amounts of Delta-9 THC (under .3% Delta-9 THC).


One of the reasons that CBD tinctures are such a great way of taking CBD is because of dosage control. The human body can develop a tolerance to cannabinoids.  This is why is important to take the least amount to obtain the desired results.

Start off slow!

Our Hemptenders at Chillum are trained to help people with their dosage.  Everyone needs a different dose due to several different reasons, which can include size and severity of their condition. Our Hemptenders are trained to start of the customer at a low dose of CBD and “to work their way up” until they feel the effects, it’s an experimentation process called “self-titrating”. 

Typically tincture come in a small glass bottle with a dropper, and that dropper normally holds about a milliliter of liquid with a few variations. So, figuring out the mg of CBD per ml is a good way to start.

For example, if our Hemptender feels the customer should feel relief from 20 mg of CBD, they may recommend a bottle of CBD tincture that is labeled at 600mg/30ml.  That’s a bottle that contains 20mg/1ml.  Our Hemptender is trained to advise the customer to start off slow and may advise the customer to start off with half a dropper (half a ml) of the liquid (which contains 10mg of CBD) and to wait for that dose to take effect (20min if held under the tongue for 2min before swallowing).  Only after that 10mg dose takes effect should the customer decide if they need more CBD.

Full Spectrum vs. Broad Spectrum vs. Isolate

There are 3 main kinds of CBD products and this ranges over all different delivery methods. It should be stated that with cannabis and hemp alike, the more constituents of the plant available in the product, the more medicinal value to the product. In the world of hemp products this could present a bit of an issue. Hemp can only be sold legally if it contains less than .3% of the cannabinoid Delta-9 THC.  Many people are interested in taking CBD products because they need the relief that medical cannabis can provide but they don’t want to take THC. 

Full Spectrum products contain, like the name suggests, the full spectrum of the hemp plant.  That means these products contain CBD, other cannabinoids (CBN, CBG, THCV, etc.), terpenes, and yes trace amounts of THC. Think about it like this, Full Spectrum products are more of a well-rounded product. Each individual cannabinoid and terpene have its own benefit and those benefits are greater when more of them are present and they are allowed to work together.

Isolate products contain just CBD.  That means that their benefits are limited to the benefits of just CBD. This doesn’t mean that isolate products are inferior products, just not for everyone. Some people just don’t want to take THC, it can be for several reasons: a job, their religion, their upbringing, or they are just plain scared to consume it.  Isolate products can offer these people what they need without the THC.

Cheaper Might Not Be the Best Way to Go

Isolate tinctures tend to be cheaper but don’t contain all the benefits of Full Spectrum tinctures. 

Many of the cheap CBD brands sold in gas stations might not even have CBD in them.  CBD isn’t regulated by the FDA, which means many CBD companies aren’t truthful about their products.  Some might claim to have CBD but really contain kratom, spice, or maybe something very harmful. Higher quality tinctures tend to be more expensive.  This is because the company cares about their product and gives their product the time and attention it needs to be considered a quality brand.

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