CDC Says “Vaping Crisis” is ‘Leveling off or Even Declining’

CDC Says “Vaping Crisis” is ‘Leveling off or Even Declining’

The number of deadly illnesses linked to vaping appears to be “leveling off or even declining”, says the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

I could be that warnings from health officials of this whole “vaping crisis” have caused actions by authorities on the product supply chain, or it could be that this whole “vaping crisis” just caused manufactures to put better business practices in play.

Truth is nobody can really tell you what was responsible for the whole “crisis”. Public health officials still don’t know what caused people to get sick. Many patients have blamed THC and CBD for their poor health.  Little did they know that the presence cannabinoids were probably keeping them from getting deathly ill. Still black-market THC and CBD vapes were blamed for the crisis. Most likely due to the poor business practices of the black market.  An obvious solution would be to legalize all cannabinoids and regulate the vaping portion of the business.  There is also little conversation of what legal nicotine vapes have to do with the situation.

The CDC has confirmed 1.604 probable cases of illnesses caused by vaping. Patients have been found in 49 states, Washington DC, and the Virgin Islands. The number of confirmed fatalities is at 34 currently.

Officials say that they aren’t just looking into what is vaped by the heating process in e-cigarettes could be playing a role in the illnesses.  The fact of the matter is there could be more than one cause, or it could be the fact that illegal producers are solely to blame.

With these new finding; however, seems like concerns should be leveling off soon.

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