Colorado CBD Seeds Donates Hemp Seeds to University of Florida

Colorado CBD Seeds Donates Hemp Seeds to University of Florida

Colorado CBD Seed, who is a HM Health LLC Company, announces that it has an agreement to donate feminized seeds of their proprietary Abacus Early Bird cultivar to the University of Florida for agricultural hemp research. This cultivar of hemp is known for its early maturity and vigorous growth.

It just so happens that their CEO, Marc Brannigan, is a graduate of the University of Florida.  He says he’s happy to be a part of this project and they “feel the Early Bird hemp cultivar will do well in both northern and southern Florida”

Florida has a very humid climate and humidity can be very harmful to the hemp plant. When Floridians start growing hemp outdoors it is important, they use a cultivar that responds well to the high humidity levels. The goal is to produce crops that are free of disease and mold.  Very important seeing how many people would want to consume this plant.

The University of Florida has been growing hemp for quite some time.  The University has been charged by the state to research this crop.  Soon Florida farmers will be allowed to grow hemp legally.  Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed SB 1020 into law this past summer. This law charges the Florida State Department of Agriculture with regulating the sale of CBD and the cultivation of hemp. They expect to be handing licenses out to grow hemp by the beginning of next year. Hopes are the University of Florida can provide them guidance on the proper way to grow.

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