Colorado Dispensaries are Adopting Highways Since They Can’t Buy Billboards

Colorado Dispensaries are Adopting Highways Since They Can’t Buy Billboards

One of the hardest things for a cannabis company to do is advertise.  The Federal Communications Commission is a federal government agency that regulates what is seen on TV and Radio. Since cannabis isn’t legal by federal law, the act of advertising on airwaves is prohibited. Not to mention the fact that states tend to put laws down on what cannabis companies can do for advertising.

Apparently, the famed cannabis state of Colorado has restricted cannabis companies from being able to advertise their companies using billboards. This seems to be an effort to keep cannabis marketing away from children!  State regulators prohibit cannabis businesses from advertising on TV, radio and in print unless they can prove the audience is predominantly 21 and older. Digital and social media platforms are even more restrictive. 

But looks like these cannabis companies have found a loophole.

They adopted a highway!

Currently, 51 cannabis dispensaries, cultivators, manufacturers and edible producers sponsor roadways throughout the state, which makes up about 66% of the roads that are actively sponsored.  

The result of sponsoring a highway is a sign in the company’s honor branded with their logo, often these signs are placed near the companies exit off the highway.

“The rules governing highways signs are in a different section than rules governing the cannabis industry,” said Nico Pento, government affairs director for Boulder-based Terrapin Care Station, which operates six dispensaries in the Denver metro area. “The highway signs were a loophole that was overlooked.”

It is incredible if you think about it…. In an effort to censor cannabis companies, the Colorado Highway System is now cleaner than ever

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