— FREE “Cooking with Hemp” Demonstration at Chillum CBD Dispensary this Saturday @ 7PM–

–Magical Butter Presents: Introduction to Edibles a Live Demonstration on How to Cook with CBD —

As society becomes more health-conscious people are beginning to take health matters into their own hands, the use of Cannabidiol (CBD) has become more and more popular.  Chillum CBD Dispensary is working together with Magical Butter to offer “An Introduction to Edibles”, learn how to make herbal infused oils and butter at home.  Introduction to Edibles will include a live demonstration with CBD Hemp Flower and will be taking place this Saturday @ 7pm at Chillum CBD Dispensary in Ybor.

We all suffer from a certain level of anxiety, and most of us develop some aches and pains while we age. Cannabis has proven to be safe and provide relief for these conditions, but because cannabis is illegal federally and provides an intoxicating effect many people still resist it as treatment. CBD is cannabinoid, like THC, that provides these medicinal benefits, doesn’t provide the “high” THC does, and it can be derived from cannabis’ legal cousin, the hemp plant. For these reasons, so many people have been turning to CBD to find relief. Although CBD is indeed a compound found in cannabis, it can also be derived from the Hemp plant, which is 100% legal according to federal and state law (according to the federal 2018 Farm Bill and Florida SB 1020).  Although Hemp Flower is 100% legal, it is almost indistinguishable from the illegal cannabis flower. They are so similar you can do the same things you do with cannabis with hemp, including infusing it into your favorite foods. Making your own hemp infusions allows people who can’t afford the high price of CBD oils, or medical cannabis, to make their own at home oils at home. 

“You can smoke hemp flower the same way you can smoke cannabis flower and you can also cook with it too!”, says Carlos Hermida, owner of Chillum CBD Dispensary. “By teaming up with Magical Butter, and offering this cooking class, we can offer our customers more opportunities to find relief.”

Everyone who participates will learn how to make herbal infusions with the Magical Butter machine and will even learn how to make their own CBD lotions.  There will be live demonstrations and it is free to the public.

Who: Chillum CBD Dispensary & Magical Butter

What: Back to Basics: An Introduction to Edibles

Where: Ybor City, 1714 E 7th Ave Tampa Florida 33614

When: Saturday, 9/28 @ 7PM


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