Cops Can’t Tell the Difference Between Cannabis and Hemp

Cops Can’t Tell the Difference Between Cannabis and Hemp

Recently, Fox 13’s Jordan Bowen came by our store in the historic Ybor City District in Tampa, Florida to discuss the “CBD craze”, the difference between hemp and cannabis, and law enforcement’s confusion between the two.

Our manager, Johana Reynolds, was able to walk them through all things CBD!

Take a Look…

As you can see, Johana did an awesome job explaining to Bowen about all things hemp.

A good way to see how similar hemp is to cannabis is to simply come by our store in Tampa, Florida and taking a look at our Hemp Flower display for yourself. The technical term for Hemp Flower is Phytocannabinoid Rich Hemp Flower or PCR Hemp Flower. It is obvious that PCR Hemp Flower looks, smells, and even smokes the same way that cannabis does. The only difference is the low level of THC, meaning PCR Hemp Flower doesn’t get you high.

How to Inform Law Enforcement that Your CBD Isn’t Illegal

Chillum CBD Dispensary makes it a point to provide the Tampa Bay area with quality CBD products and quality information. We realize the risk behind carrying PCR Hemp Flower, and the last thing we want is for Tampa Bay cops to get confused between the two and arrest our customers.

At Chillum CBD Dispensary, although cops are getting confused, we are proud that offer PCR Hemp to our customers. We want to do it in the safest way possible.

Tips on Avoiding Police Confusion on CBD…

  • Proper labeling. Only purchase products that label their CBD the right way. Florida will soon implement rules on how to label CBD products properly for sale. We are already in compliance.
    • Make sure your CBD is labeled with a QR Code that when scanned shows test results that prove it’s hemp and matches batch info on the packaging.
  • Keep your receipt.Proof it was purchased from a local store will help prove you bought it legally.
  • Don’t smoke in public. Although it is legal to possess and consume it, it smells just like weed.
  • Keep it concealed. Just don’t draw attention to yourself.

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