Coral Gables Bans CBD Stores

Coral Gables Bans CBD Stores

Yesterday, Coral Gables city commissioners unanimously approved two moratoriums, one on vape shops and the other on CBD stores.  The resolutions will ban, at least temporarily, vape and CBD stores from getting a business license in the area.

City Attorney Miriam Soler Ramos says the moratoriums are meant to give the city more time to evaluate how they should go about setting up zoning regulations for those businesses. These moratoriums will be active for 120 days and can be extended further if needed.

The CBD/Vape Shop moratorium resolution cites concerns of the so called “vaping crisis”. The moratorium is not going to affect any businesses that have already opened their doors.  Seeming like the city just doesn’t want more of these businesses to open their doors.

For those of you that live in Coral Gables, or in another area where CBD stores are prohibited, and are experiencing difficulty purchasing quality CBD products, please be advised that you can purchase any CBD product from our online store and they will be shipped to you promptly.

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