First FDA Approved CBD Pain Relief Over-the-Counter Product

First FDA Approved CBD Pain Relief Over-the-Counter Product

A product named Elixicure has been named the first over-the-counter FDA approved CBD product, according to a press release by Honest Globe, the product manufacturer. Honest Globe, a luxury cosmetic developer of health and beauty products.  The claim of FDA approval is also posted on the products website.

The topical product marks the first over the counter topical product to be registered and certified to date. Making the claims, on the front page of their website, that their product “is great for muscle pains, muscle strains, arthritis, tendonitis, backaches, bruises, cramps, & more” perfectly legal and accepted by the FDA.  These are claims that no other CBD company (including Chillum CBD Dispensary) are allowed to make, and the FDA has sent many cease and desist letters to CBD companies who have made these claims on their website.

Elixicure Chief of Business Development, Yaniv Kotler, said:

“We are ecstatic to announce that Elixicure’s Registration has been Certified by the FDA. This is a major milestone in our commitment to quality, and offering customers healthier options for pain relief using effective natural products, as an alternative to opioids and other dangerous pharmaceuticals….”

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