Florida Moves Forward With CBD Regulations

Florida Moves Forward With CBD Regulations

According to certain law makers, for the past year and a half, stores like Chillum CBD Dispensary have existed outside of a certain grey area.  It was even worse when we first opened, June 2018, this was right before the 2018 Farm Bill was voted into law.  We constantly lived in fear that police were going to raid our store, and claim that we were selling cannabis instead of Hemp.

What the 2018 Farm Bill did was remove CBD, and all the other cannabinoids present in the hemp plant, off the Controlled Substance list if the THC levels were below .3%.  This opened the “CBD craze”.  Especially here in Florida!  We were the first CBD Dispensary to open our doors in the Tampa Bay area. Now there are CBD stores on almost every block. It grew faster than anyone was able to keep track of.  This “CBD Craze” “blew up” without any type of government regulation or over site. That has all recently changed here in Florida.

On Jan 1st of this year the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (FDACS) has begun regulating the hemp industry here in Florida. Before the FSACS stepped in, CBD companies did whatever they wanted to do, except make medical claims.  There are certain changes happening to the Florida Hemp industry and we at Chillum CBD Dispensary are excited for them.  For the longest time we have been self-regulating.  We have spent a lot of time and money testing our products to make sure that they are safe. Everyone who sells CBD in Florida is being held to the same standard.

Two Main Changes in Florida CBD

Nicki Fried is the head of the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services who is incharge of regulating Hemp cultivation and CBD retail in Florida

1st Florida CBD Now Regulated on the Retail Level

Now when a Florida store, like Chillum CBD Dispensary, sells you CBD it must be packaged in a certain way. The packaging must include a QR code that, when scanned, shows that the product has been tested and matches the batch info on the product packaging. This only applies to indigestible CBD, which means anything consumed through the digestive tract, including edibles, tinctures, and capsules.

All locations who sell CBD must sign

up for an inspection by the FDACS. Inspectors will come, check the cleanliness and waste management of the location, and observe the packaging of the CBD products.

2nd Florida Farmers Can Now Apply to Grow CBD

The FDACS has opened a licensing process for farmers to grow hemp.  Restrictions are actually very low for farmers to start growing the new crop.  Farmers will have to apply, their land must be zoned agriculturally, and they open themselves up to certain inspections. However, if you are a Florida farmer, and you are interested in growing the hemp plant. You now have an opportunity to do so!

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