Floridians Purchased 22,000 Pounds of Smokable Pot in 6 Months

Floridians Purchased 22,000 Pounds of Smokable Pot in 6 Months

Floridians passed medical marijuana in 2016 but have only had smokable flower for six months. Regulators of the cannabis business in Florida have become known for being overly strict.  Even though it said in the Florida constitution that Floridian’s would have smokable flower available to them, it had been kept from them for that long.

However, Floridians have embraced the smokable flower option to consume their medical marijuana. Marijuana Business Daily recently released info stating that more than 22,000 pounds sold in less than six months.  That is more than three times the quantity of ALL medical marijuana sold in the state of Ohio for the first 12 months.

The repeal on smokable flower was lifted by the Florida legislature in March of 2019.  Medical Marijuana Treatment Centers began serving flower just days later.

The Florida Department of Health began reporting weekly data on quantities of smokable flower sold.   Their reports show that sales have followed an upward trend since the state began reporting the data.  Ranging from a low of 590 pounds sold per week in mid-July to 1,300 pounds the last weeks of December.   December enjoyed an average of daily sales around 180 pounds per day.

The boost in sales could probably be attributed to the generous purchasing limit of 2.5 ounces and a steady increase of patients added to the patient registry.  

There are now approximately 200,000 active patients in the registry, which is a 1.4% of Florida’s population.

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