Floridians Won’t be Voting on Legal Pot

Floridians Won’t be Voting on Legal Pot

Floridians tried the best they could to vote to legalize cannabis this year.  But everything came up short.  There were 3 legalization efforts this year that had… at least…. a small chance of making it to the ballot. These efforts were called: Floridians for Freedom (FFF), Regulate Florida (RF), and Make it Legal Florida (MILF).

Floridians for Freedom was a noble effort, and to my knowledge is still giving it their best shot.  Unfortunately, FFF was as grass roots as a campaign could get.  These guys earned the support of some of the most notable cannabis activists in the state but fell short in finding proper funding. And although the members of this campaign held their head high, it seems highly unlikely that they will make it to the 2020 ballot.

Regulate Florida arguably had the same issue as FFF; that is, they fell short in finding the proper funding. Also garnering the support of some notable cannabis activists, RF had a good run. Many of Florida’s Medical Marijuana Treatment Centers had “kiosks” set up in their lobby where people could sign the RF petition. Some medical marijuana products could even be purchased to fund their campaign, but they still were unable to achieve the number of signatures that would warrant a vote this year.

Make it Legal Florida is the newest campaign to join Florida’s fight for legalization. MILF was a controversial campaign.  Unlike the other petition initiatives, MILF made no effort to legalize home cultivation and would have kept the business closed to the current medical marijuana license holders.  This was probably because it was funded by some of the current medical marijuana license holders: Surterra & Medmen.

Boy were they funded!

The campaign raised over $8.7 million from their MMTC backers and spent $7.7 million on their effort to keep the business closed off. The good news is they admit they won’t be able to make it to the 2020 ballot.  The bad news is they will be able to use the petitions they gathered for the 2022 ballot, since the petitions are valid for two years.

Don’t get us wrong!

Chillum CBD Dispensary supports the legalization of cannabis. We don’t; however, support big cannabis’ current oligopoly over the state’s medical marijuana program, and we support the right to cultivate your own cannabis.

The state had verified 295,072 signatures signed for the Make it Legal Florida campaign.

In a series of messages to paid petition gatherers late Sunday night into early Monday morning, a petition company manager wrote: “Unfortunately the Make it Legal campaign is wrapping up early, effective immediately … we are extremely grateful for your hard work and dedication.”

Chillum Glass Gallery and CBD Dispensary is not a Medical Marijuana Treatment Center and we do not sell marijuana. Any of the products we sell are NOT for the use of cannabis and are sold for tobacco and hemp based CBD use only. That being said we are advocates for reform and are happy to report anything happening in the movement.

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