Full Spectrum CBD Vs Isolate CBD

Full Spectrum CBD Vs Isolate CBD

There are two main types of CBD products. I don’t care if you have a tincture, a lotion, or a gummy bear in your hand there are only two main types of CBD products.  That is it always comes down to full spectrum CBD vs isolate CBD products. What these labels are trying to do is tell you the kind of cannabinoid content you can expect in these products.

CBD is only one of many kinds of cannabinoids. Although there are many kinds of cannabinoids, we know most about CBD and its intoxicating cousin THC.


This concept can be confusing, but it really is quite simple.  Isolate products only contain CBD.  That is because the CBD went through a process where they ISOLATED the molecule from the plant.  Although isolate itself is simple, the process of extracting it is a bit more complex. When you undergo the extraction method to remove the cannabinoids from the plant matter, all the plants oils are extracted.  This includes other cannabinoids and terpenoids.  An extra step must be taken to remove the CBD from the oil.

Once extracted, CBD isolate can be used for almost any CBD product.  You can simply add your isolate to whatever gummy recipe or lotion formula that you wish to use.  Pay attention to how much you add because you won’t want to make it too strong.  The finished product would be a CBD product that contains just CBD.

The only CBD product that can’t be an isolate product is Phytocannabinoid Rich Hemp Flower.  This flower can never be made into an isolate form because it is what isolate is made from and where that original oil extract comes from. If someone boasts that they have Phytocannabinoid Rich Hemp Flower that doesn’t contain THC, don’t buy it. It is probably some sort of spice that is sprayed with isolate. Not anything you would want to consume.

Full Spectrum

In contrast to isolate, full-spectrum CBD products contain the full range of cannabinoids possible from the plant that the oil was extracted from.  Rather than extracting the isolated CBD from the extracted oil, the extracted oil is used to make the CBD products.  Since this oil contains all the cannabinoids and terpenoids, what you get is a product that is more well rounded medicinally. The reason for this is, rather than just having the benefits of CBD, you have the benefits of all the cannabinoids and terpenoids present. Each of these cannabinoids and terpenoids has its own benefits that can add to the overall effects. 

Which is Better

So when it comes down to which one is better, isolate CBD vs full spectrum CBD products, which one stands up to the test? This means that full spectrum products are traditionally better than isolate products.  Often time people who start off with an isolate product can switch to a lower milligram dose of a full spectrum product and see similar results.

It is important to remember that some people just don’t want to or can’t consume THC.   It could be because of their upbringing, their job, or their religion.   What matters is these people can turn to an isolate product, and not have to worry about consuming THC.

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