Hemp Farming Coming to Florida

Hemp Farming Coming to Florida

The Florida Senate voted to approve SB 1020 , by a 39-0 vote.

Since hemp is so closely related to cannabis it has been illegal to grow since the 1930s. But the federal government recently passed the Farm Bill of 2018. Which not only removed CBD derived from the Hemp plant from The Controlled Substance Act but also makes it legal for States to pass their own legislation allowing for “pilot programs” to grow Hemp.

Hemp has a variety of industrial uses and can also be grown for its CBD content as long as the plant contains less than .3% THC. It will soon be legal to grow these plants in Florida. Next step would be for Gov. De Santis to sign the bill into law. After the bill is signed it will be the duty of the Department of Agriculture to figure regulations on growing hemp and the sale of CBD oil.

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