November 12, 2019

CBD Concentrates: A Short Guide

CBD concentrates are an amazing way to use CBD. One of the most profound things we do at Chillum CBD Dispensary is our $5 Dabs!  Sometimes, […]
November 13, 2019

Traveling with CBD

I wish I could tell you that it is completely safe to travel with CBD.  But I can’t!  What I can do is tell you that […]
November 13, 2019

Americans Wrongfully Assume CBD is FDA Approved

CBD has never actually been regulated, and it certainly isn’t regulated by the FDA. Confusing? Understandably so, CBD is basically everywhere The CBD Craze The CBD […]
November 14, 2019
NFL's Antonio Callaway has been suspended for what he claims is CBD use.

NFL Player Suspended for CBD

An NFL player claims to be suspended due to using tainted CBD products. The Cleveland Browns has waived wide receiver Antonio Callaway earlier on Thursday. Reason […]