September 16, 2019

A History of CBD: Where Does CBD Come From?

Where does CBD come from? In short… the answer is… CANNABIS!!!!  Cannabidiol, CBD for short, comes from cannabis.  This does require some further explanation… Why is […]
September 17, 2019

How Does CBD Work?

How does CBD work? We would love to tell you exactly what CBD does for you! The problem with that is… we can’t! The FDA doesn’t […]
September 17, 2019

What Do People Use CBD For?

What is CBD?  Cannabidiol, or CBD, interacts with the endocannabinoid system. To better understand what people, use CBD for we have to understand the functions of […]
September 17, 2019

Full Spectrum CBD Vs Isolate CBD

There are two main types of CBD products. I don’t care if you have a tincture, a lotion, or a gummy bear in your hand there […]