Nate Diaz “Lights Up” a Joint During UFC Open Workouts

Nate Diaz “Lights Up” a Joint During UFC Open Workouts

USA Today claims that Nate Diaz is “one of the last remaining rebels of the UFC”. Apparently he hasn’t fought in nearly three years, but fans are eager to see him in “the Octagon” again. He fights again this Saturday night against Anthony Pettis in the co-main event at UFC 241 in Anaheim. 

Apparently part of his “rebel” status has to do with the fact that  he makes no secret that he likes to smoke cannabis. But he did make a big statement on Wednesday when he pulled out a joint in the middle of his open workout at the Honda Center and lit it up for everyone to see.

He then proceeded to take a few puffs while posing for the crowd and throwing some punches. When he was done he was kind enough to pass it to the crowd. Then the crowd proceeded to “pass that shit around”!

Later Diaz claimed, in truly honest fashion, that the joint was CBD and cannabis.  When questioned about what he was smoking Diaz replied:

“Game Up CBD… I uhhh… I gotta smoke the weed after the fight. So I gotta smoke Game Up CBD.”

What Exactly Was Diaz Smoking?

Diaz was smoking a joint. But rather than a joint rolled with THC rich cannabis flower, he was smoking a joint rolled with Phytocannabinoid Rich CBD Hemp Flower. It looks, smells, and smokes just like cannabis. The only difference is that it is low in the cannabinoid THC and high in CBD.  That means it doesn’t get you high but still provides many of the medicinal benefits of cannabis. Specifically the medicinal benefits of CBD. CBD has many uses but most notably can be used to help with any pain, anxiety, and inflammation. 

Was Diaz Making a Statement?

Well… we would have to ask Diaz himself.  Diaz is in the midst of extreme training for his fight, taking place tomorrow. These workouts are pretty grueling and intense on the body.  What Diaz was doing during his open workouts isn’t about getting stoned but about easing any harm that might be coming to his body due to his training. If he was making a statement it would be that all athletes should be able to utilize this form of legal alternative treatment, despite the stigma that might come with hemp or cannabis. Diaz could have been making an attempt to NORMLize such forms of alternative treatment.  One thing he did do was get a conversation started.

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