New Bills Protect Florida Medical Marijuana Patients from Getting Fired

New Bills Protect Florida Medical Marijuana Patients from Getting Fired

Florida is an At-Will state.  Meaning your employer has the right to terminate your employment for any good reason, bad reason, or any reason at all.  There are still a few things that Florida companies can’t fire their employees for.  For instance, you can’t discriminate over sex or race, but an employer in Florida can terminate an employee at any time and for pretty much any reason.

The problem is, being a medical marijuana patient is one of the many reasons you can get fired in Florida. Which is pretty ridiculous seeing how 72% of the Florida population voted to add marijuana as a medicine to the Florida constitution.

However, legislation has already been prefilled, House Bill 595 / Senate Bill 962, if passed these bills would place protections for medical marijuana patients from employment discrimination.

These measures would prohibit employers from taking adverse action on an employee solely for testing positive for THC on a drug test.

Those who consume conventional medications legally and responsibly while off the job do not suffer sanctions from their employers unless their work performance is adversely affected. Employers should treat those patients who consume cannabis legally while away from the workplace in a similar manner.

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