NFL is Changing their Mind on Weed

NFL is Changing their Mind on Weed

Football players in the National Football League (NFL) could possibly not face suspensions for cannabis anymore. According to a new collective bargaining agreement approved by team owners last Thursday, players will not face suspensions if they test positive for cannabis.  This agreement is currently being circulated among players, who will be considering the terms with their representatives during a conference call this Friday. 

If ratified the NFL will implement changes to its current drug policy, which would:  eliminate suspensions solely for testing positive for THC, reduce the number of players subject to drug tests, and shortens the window when they would be tested from four months to two weeks at the beginning of training camp. The limit for the allowable amount of THC detected would be increased from 35 ng/ml to 150ng/ml.

Other benefits to this collective bargaining agreement include provisions that increases the minimum salaries players can earn and expands benefits for both active and retired players.

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