Nikki Fried Wants to Clean Up Florida CBD

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Nikki Fried Wants to Clean Up Florida CBD

Nikki Fried, Florida’s Commissioner of Agriculture and Consumer Services wants to start a hemp revolution here in Florida.  We must admit she’s trying to do it the right way. 

For the past year and a half that our store has been open we have been self-regulated.  Meaning the CBD industry has been akin to the wild west and we have only become a trusted and reliable source for CBD products because we have set and lived up to our own strict standards.  When we started the rest of the CBD world in Florida consisted of head shops and gas stations.  Nobody knew what they were buying and the people selling CBD were unable to assist the customers with such topics as dosing and delivery methods. The product itself could contain harmful chemicals, Spice, Melatonin, Kratom or who knows.  It might not have even contain CBD.  When we opened Chillum Glass Gallery and CBD Dispensary, we had to make it a point to live up to a certain standard that wasn’t mandated by law.

Then Nikki Fried Was Elected Florida Commissioner of Agriculture

Commissioner Nikki Fried has set out to change that. She says, “We’re creating standards which don’t exist right now, it creates an alternative crop that’s going to be a $20-30 billion industry here in the state.”

When Governor Ron DeSantis signed SB 1020 into law this summer, he put Fried’s department in charge of regulating the cultivation of hemp and the sale of CBD products in the state.

“Also having regulations with CBD products which we’ve seen all over our entire state. For someone who is going for health and wellness, you don’t know what’s in these products. You don’t know if there’s metals, you don’t know if there’s THC, or any CBD in it,” she said.

Truth is she’s right and we support her.

We see the problems that arise from an unregulated industry firsthand. Many of the people who wonder into our store from the Ybor’s 7th Ave come in with stigmas and misinformation.

“CBD didn’t work for me!”

“CBD gets me high!”

All of which are untrue, and our staff is always happy to speak to each one of these customers and set the record straight. Provide them with a safe source.  We already basically adhere to the regulations put forth…

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