Chillum is a Celebration of Alternative Culture.



!!!Chillum started with two lifelong friends!!!

Carlos, a long-time cannabis activist for the state of Florida, and Daniel, a native New Yorker looking for a new life away from New York City.

Looking for their “next big move” they decided that they wanted to go into business together.


Their first idea was to open a head shop. However, they knew that their business could be so much more. Head Shops were once so much greater than what they had become. Once head shops were a center for activism and a safe haven for those who partook in alternative culture. Now crackheads go there to purchase crack pipes and K2.

As long as Carlos and Daniel are involved with Chillum, we will never offer these types of pipes or products! You won't find things like glass roses, oil burners, spice, K2, kratom, or kava at Chillum! Carlos and Daniel wanted to open a store that helped people and educated against negative stereotypes. The ultimate goal for the store would be to further alternative culture. To celebrate it and to help people at the same time.

Carlos was once the Vice President of the Florida Cannabis Coalition, which simply means he had a lot of friends who started CBD companies in Florida. Upon brainstorming the new business, Daniel and Carlos realized that they had enough contacts to provide a number of different CBD products in their store.





And the concept of a CBD Dispensary was born. Carlos and Daniel realized that they were in a unique position to provide a service that wasn't available in the Tampa Bay Area before.


Carlos and Daniel named the store "Chillum", after their favorite type of pipe! They knew that Chillum could be more than a traditional head shop. Chillum could be a hub for education and activism. Chillum is a celebration of alternative culture. This is where people come to become educated on CBD and cannabinoids. A place where activists like the Weed for Warriors Project and Central Florida NORML gathers to educate and advocate.


Chillum is more than a head shop!

Chillum is a Glass Gallery and CBD Dispensary!

Chillum Glass Gallery and CBD Dispensary is the 1st and Best CBD Dispensary in the Tampa Bay area....

probably Florida....

maybe event the world!!!!


Currently the State of Florida's Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (FDACS) is regulating the sale of CBD products in the state. However, it wasn't always that way. Actually that is very new, the program started January 1st 2020. Chillum existed and thrived before regulations because of our dedication to quality. We knew in order to thrive as a trusted brand we would have to regulate ourselves. Carlos and Daniel found it to be very important to provide trusted CBD brands that provide a clean and consistent product. When Chillum first got into the CBD business, it was the wild west. We take it upon ourselves to test our products to ensure quality.


That is why we are the best!

Their dedication to activism, education, and quality paid off when Chillum was awarded The 2018 Best Local CBD Shop in Tampa Bay by Creative Loafing and Chillum continues to provide a place for education and advocacy.



Our products are in compliance with the 2018 Farm Bill... that means that we source all our CBD Products from the Hemp Plant, they contain less than .3% THC, they are grown in a State where growing Hemp is allowed, and are 100% legal in all 50 States.

Our products are also in compliance with Section 581.217, Florida Statutes, and Rule 5K-4.034, Florida Administrative Code.

We have been inspected and permitted by the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services to distribute Hemp Based CBD Products.