Chillum Glass Gallery is a celebration of alternative culture.



The Shop

We provide our customers an alternative to the restrictive and expensive medical cannabis system offered in Florida.

Many of Florida's cannabis patients can't afford the high prices at Medical Marijuana Treatment Centers and the constant doctor visits required to maintain their patient status.

Our products are in compliance with the Farm Bill... that means that we source all our CBD Products from the Hemp Plant, they contain less than .3% THC, they are grown in a State where growing Hemp is allowed (not Florida), and are 100% legal in all 50 States.

We put our products through a vigorous vetting process to ensure they are ethical companies with quality products.

This includes third party lab testing done by Florida's own Evio Labs, to ensure that none of our products are illegal!

All of our Hemp derived CBD products make great nutritional supplements, and none of them will provide you with a "high" or euphoric effect.

We also like to show case the ART of our alternative culture. We display the finest functional glass art found in the Tampa Bay area and other stuff that has to do with this great culture!