Synthetic Chemicals Found in Florida CBD

Synthetic Chemicals Found in Florida CBD

An Associated Press investigation shows a dark side to the CBD world. For their investigation they purchase thirty vape products that were advertised as delivering inhalable CBD. They found ten that contained synthetic chemicals, or K2. Many of these brands being sold in Florida!!!!

This is quite dangerous.  The practice of spiking CBD products with synthetic chemicals could be presumed to have sent dozens of people to the emergency room nationwide.

CBD itself is natural and harmless. Since the FDA won’t approve CBD for sale (or at least only approved one product), CBD is sold as a health supplement. A business that is traditionally unregulated. Meaning that the CBD business itself is an unregulated business. The manufacturer has a social responsibility to provide a safe, consistent, and reliable product. Unfortunately, many manufacturers are the most socially responsible people.

Be careful of where you buy your CBD from!!!

Research is always important. Make sure you are buying from a reputable source.  Don’t buy CBD from gas stations, head shops, and convenience stores and be careful where you buy online.  It might be better to buy from a CBD store or dispensary.  Make sure the retailer or website you are buy from can provide you with a Certificate of Analysis (COA) that shows there is CBD in the product and nothing harmful. Read the COA and make sure it has a recent date on it.

We, at Chillum CBD Dispensary, look for COA’s when vetting our products.  To top it all off we might even take it a step further and test the product yourself.

Packaging is important too.  We like to make sure that the product is labeled correctly and doesn’t make any contradicting claims.  For example, products that are marked “full spectrum” with no THC are clearly contradicting themselves.

For example, here are some COA’s we had done on some of the Phytocannabinoid Rich Hemp Flower we sell:

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