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Chillums have been around for thousands of years.  But it is only recently that they have gained popularity in the western world.  What is a Chillum?  A chillum is a straight pipe with an end to end channel.  Chillums do not have the carb hole...

According to CBDInsider, Florida came in 1st place overall in terms of the CBD conversation.  By tracking discussion and hashtags about CBD and related products on Twitter, the staff at CBDInsider were able to generate a geotagged map illustrating the data. Out of 200,000-plus tweets...

One of the most profound things we do at Chillum CBD Dispensary is our $5 CBD dabs. When someone walks into our store, in Historic Ybor City, and asks, “What is CBD? What does it do?”. It is a great tool at our disposal to...

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