Thieves Steal $70,000 in Hemp Thinking it is Marijuana

Thieves Steal $70,000 in Hemp Thinking it is Marijuana

A farmer in Franklin County Washington lost tens of thousands of dollars in plants to a thief thinking it was marijuana.

The plants that Matthew Morrell grow are like the cannabis plant.  They look and smell almost the same.  However, the main difference is they contain less than .3% THC and are primarily grown for their CBD content. Meaning Morrell’s plants don’t get you high!  Many people claim that CBD helps them for their pain, anxiety, and/or inflammation.

“They think it’s something that it isn’t, and that’s why they’re doing what they’re doing,” said Matthew Morrell, the owner of MM Hay Services, LLC. One of his fields is just off of Highway 395 in Franklin County.

“It’s just a standard crop like corn or wheat or alfalfa or anything else now,” Morrell said.

Approximately $70,000 worth of hemp was stolen from Morrell.

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