USDA Releases Regulations for Growing Hemp

USDA Releases Regulations for Growing Hemp

Farmers across the country will soon be able to grow hemp!  The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) announced yesterday the US Domestic Hemp Production Program.  This program is intended to enact the 2018 Farm Bill which classified the difference between hemp and cannabis, hemp is a plant that contains less than .3% of the cannabinoid THC, and removed all other cannabinoids from the controlled substance act as long as the are present in hemp rather than cannabis.

The new program will allow farmers to grow hemp in every state and on reservation land. It puts forward requirements for licensing, records maintenance, testing for THC levels and the disposal of plants that do not meet the proper requirements.

Hemp production has become very popular in the US.  Many states took it upon themselves to regulate the farming of hemp themselves and it sparked a growing demand for CBD in the US. Sales of CBD are expected to exceed $20 billion in the US by 2024.

Look out for another article soon on the specifics of the new regulations.

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