Warren’s Plan to Legalize Cannabis

Warren’s Plan to Legalize Cannabis

Elizabeth Warren has released her plan to legalize cannabis. Her first step to a “Just and Equitable” cannabis industry includes legalizing cannabis and erasing past marijuana convictions. Her plan also claims to included the ability of harnessing the economic potential of a legalized cannabis and also helping communities, disproportionately of color, to be included in that economic potential.

If elected president, Elizabeth Warren’s plan to legalize cannabis includes…

Address the legacy of unjust marijuana policy by:

  • Working with Congress to legalize marijuana including passing Senator Kamala Harris’ MORE Act
  • Using the president’s executive authority if Congress refuses to take action
  • Expunging past marijuana convictions
  • Protecting immigrants by ensuring that immigrants with previous convictions like marijuana possession are protected from deportation and eligible for a pathway to citizenship as part of a just immigration reform.
  • Fighting for veterans’ right to access marijuana
  • Funding marijuana research
  • Respecting Washington D.C.’s vote to legalize marijuana
  • Supporting the right of Tribal Nations to set their own drug policies
  • Supporting the sovereignty of other nations that want to legalize marijuana

Foster inclusion in the marijuana industry by:

  • Strengthening organizing, collective bargaining, and the right to strike
  • Ensuring access to the banking system
  • Investing in women- and minority-owned cannabis businesses
  • Preventing corruption and preserving competition
  • Addressing collateral sanctions

Ensure that communities that were harmed by the War on Drugs are fully included in the opportunity and prosperity that legalizing marijuana will create including by passing Senator Cory Booker’s Marijuana Justice Act

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