What is a Cannagar?

What is a Cannagar?

What is a Cannagar?  Cannagars look like cigars, but there is one main difference! Cannagars are packed with cannabis or hemp, instead of being rolled with tobacco. A cannagar is the smoothest way to smoke a whole bunch of either cannabis or hemp in one beautifully rolled masterpiece.

What is a Cannagar?

A Cannagar is a cigar made by compressing either cannabis, or hemp, around a skewer. Then rolling it with cannabis, or hemp, fan leaves. By compressing the cannabis flower, or hemp flower, around a skewer you create a slow burning and full-flavored roll that lasts for hours.

At the end of the day, the cannagar is the ultimate smoke. I mean, this isn’t your average preroll. However, this process did not start with just your average prerolls. The original cannagar was called Thai Stick.

What is a Thai Stick?

Thai sticks were popular back in the 1970s. They were made by tying hemp rope tightly around cannabis on a skewer, then dipped in opium (I know I know), and then letting it cure for months. The result is a cannagar that is not wrapped in hemp leaves.

The Thai stick trend is coming back. Fortunately, it is coming back without the opium! Because the flower is so compressed, it leads to an elevated smoking experience that lasts forever but is still easy to draw due to the hole left behind by the skewer.

Cannagars Vs. Thai Sticks

So, what is the difference between a canngar and a Thai stick? The term “cannagar” is fairly new term so there is a great deal of confusion as to its definition. Both Thai sticks and cannagars require dried flowers, from either the cannabis and hemp plant, to be compressed on a skewer. What separates the two is the wrapper.

Same Shit Different Wrapper

Cannagars are wrapped in hemp or cannabis fan leaves while Thai sticks are rolled in anything, or sometimes nothing at all! When wrapped in dried hemp leaves, the cannagar takes on a more traditional cigar aesthetic, although a bit greener than a normal cigar. There is a new, and awesome, trend of wrapping your cannagar in dried rose petal leaves. The dried rose petals provide that cannagar with a sweet and unique flavor, and the cannagar is beautiful bright red color!

What is the Difference Between a Thai Stick and a Cannagar?

  • Both Thai Sticks and Canagars are dried hemp or cannabis flower that is compressed onto a skewer.
  • The difference is in the wrapper!!
  • Cannagars are wrapped in dried hemp leaves.
  • Thai Sticks tend to have a different wrapper or no wrapper at all.
  • Cannagars are sometimes wrapped in dried rose petals.
    • Provides a sweet flavor.
    • Also makes the cannagar a bright red color!!!

How Long Do Cannagars Last?

Asking a question like this is kinda like asking how long a light bulb lasts. The answer is: It depends!  We carry a couple of different kinds and sizes of cannagars at Chillum Dispensary, and they advertise that their product lasts anywhere from 45 minutes to 3 hours.  Our customers are constantly telling us that it lasts them over the course of a couple of days since its too much to smoke in one sitting.

Can I Buy a Pre-Made Cannagar?

Of course, you can!  Problem is cannabis is illegal in most states.  If you live in a state that has legalized adult use cannabis you might be able to find a cannagar made with real cannabis at a dispensary or you can buy a mold and make your own with legal cannabis flower.

Hemp is legal in all 50 states and you can purchase a cannagar made with hemp on our website. Our cannagars are made with hemp flower which contains less than .3% Delta 9 THC.  That does not mean our cannagars won’t get you stoned. Our cannagars are made with Delta-8 THC which is a legal form of Delta-9 THC, found in cannabis. Delta-8 THC still gets you stoned but many people consider the euphoric felling provided by Delta-8 to be a bit more mellow than the high provided by Delta-9 cannabis. Plus, it is legal in all 50 states and can be less expensive than buying cannabis at a medical dispensary.

So even though you can’t buy cannagars made from weed in all 50 states you can still buy cannagars made from hemp! These hemp cannagars are legal in all 50 states and can still provide the euphoric effects that cannagars made from cannabis can provide.




15 grams of flower
18.50% Delta-8
9.03% CBD
Length – 5″
Ring Gauge – 48


Our Specialty product, the Rose Capa Cannagars, are simply the purest way to enjoy the hemp plant. A great CBD Cannagar starts out with the highest quality American grown hemp flowers, hand-selected for their taste and aroma. Only whole flowers are used in our Cannagars, no stems, no seeds, no trim, ever! The buds are ground up and compressed into condensed shells for a long-lasting and even burn. The shells are then wrapped in the finest Rose Petals using an all natural plant-based adhesive.

Delta-8 (Δ8-THC):

Delta-8-THC is a minor cannabinoid, occurring in the plant in the Hemp plant very tiny concentrations. Delta-8 has also been known to be a degradative compound of the more traditional Delta-9-THC. This degradation occurs over time while the THC is being stored, slowing converting from Delta-9 to Delta-8. Due to the advent of large scale Industrialized Hemp Farming, farmers are able to grow plants that have been bred selectively to produce larger amounts of this cannabinoid within the plant. Through molecular isolation, labs are able to extract delta-8 in higher concentrations.

Product Details:

15 grams of flower
18.50% Delta-8
9.03% CBD
This product contains less than 0.3% Δ9-THC

Product Dimensions:

Length – 5″
Ring Gauge – 48

Burn Time:

Up to 3 Hours

Flavor Profile:

King Louis XIII: This is a heavy Indica strain made by Crossing OG Kush and LA Confidential. The taste is characterized by a strong gassy, earth and piney smell. In order to pay respect to its legendary heritage, we have reserved this strain profile only for our Cannagars.

Rose Petals:

Our rose petals are sourced from high quality farms. Our roses are considered biological roses and are fit for human consumption. They are throughly tested from any heavy metals and pesticides.

Disclaimer: This product is legal under the 2018 US Farm Bill. Please check your own State Laws before purchasing smokable Hemp flower. While our THC levels fall below the Federal Guidelines of less than 0.3% Δ9-THC, we do not in any way guarantee the passing of any urine analysis or drug test. Please, enjoy at your own risk.

This product is psychoactive.

Do not drive or operate heavy machinery after use.

What is Delta-8?

Delta-8 THC chemically differs from Delta-9 THC by only a few atomic bonds and possesses many of the same beneficial qualities of Delta-9 THC, although Delta-8 is only about 70% as psychoactive as Delta-9 THC.

As a minor cannabinoid there’s still a lot about Delta-8 that we don’t know. You should always take a cautious approach when trying anything for the first time. If you’re thinking about consuming Delta-8-THC, you need to be aware of the information we currently have available. Make sure you talk to your doctor before trying Delta-8 and get a professional opinion for your health.

Do not drive or operate heavy machinery after using this product. Keep out of reach of children. If you are subject to regular or random drug screening it is best not to use this product. Most standard drug tests will not be able to tell the difference between Delta-8 THC and Delta-9 THC.



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Weight .0463 kg
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 14 cm
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