Why CBD Didn’t Work For You

Why CBD Didn’t Work For You

Some people have tried CBD and haven’t gotten the results they wanted. Many of these people are quick to conclude that CBD doesn’t work!

Let’s start off by saying this:

“CBD does work!”

More studies need to be done and the FDA doesn’t allow for any CBD companies to make any medical claims for their products.

That being said, people come into Chillum CBD Dispensary all the time saying this:

“I tried CBD and it doesn’t work!”

Truth is you might have been taking the wrong product or you might have been taking the product wrong. There’s a couple of reasons for this:

Due to Lack of Regulation that Might Not Have Been CBD

CBD is not regulated by the FDA. Because of this, CBD is sold as an extract rather than a medicine and this is why people who sell CBD are not allowed to make medical claims. 

This is also the reason that people who sell CBD can sell whatever they want. Due to the lack of regulation, there is nobody checking to see if CBD companies are even selling CBD…. 

Sometimes when you buy CBD and it doesn’t work, it could mean that there was no CBD in the product.

A number of lawsuits have come out against CBD companies for this reason. For example, one on September 27th 2019 against Diamond CBD and another on September 25th 2019 against Hemp Bombs, both stating that, after testing their products, the CBD companies didn’t put as much CBD in their products as they advertise.  

Also, there is a possibility that there could be other chemicals in your CBD products.  A study done by the Associated Press tested 30 different CBD vapes and found a street drug called K2, or spice, in 10 of the 30 vapes tested.

How to Keep from Buying Bunk CBD?

To make sure your CBD works you need to make sure you are purchasing CBD from a reputable source. Stay away from gas stations, head shops, and convenience stores that sell CBD.  They most likely haven’t done their research on their product. 

CBD stores, or “CBD Dispensaries”, can be good places to find CBD that works.  Make sure you do your own research before shopping there though.  Read online reviews and see if the store has won any community awards.  Look at what products they carry on their website and research those products too. Stay away from CBD stores that only carry their own line of CBD.  A good way to check the credibility of a CBD store is to see if they have a deal with a 3rd party lab testing facility and see if they test the products they carry.

Here are some of the reasons you can trust a place like Chillum CBD Dispensary.

How Much CBD are You Actually Taking?

Just because the bottle says it is 100 mg of CBD doesn’t mean you are taking 100 mg every time you put one drop of the liquid under your tongue. Actually, you’re probably not taking that much.  CBD products are typically labeled with the mg dosage in the entire package.  Meaning, if that 100 mg bottle of CBD is in a 30 ml tincture bottle.  Then there is only 3.33 mg of CBD per ml of liquid in that product.  A starting dose is typically anywhere from 5-25 mg of CBD. 

For your CBD to work you are going to have to take a proper dose. Dosage of CBD is different for everyone and normally takes a bit of experimentation in order to find. But you will at least have to start off with 2 ml of that 100 mg tincture to at least feel some effects. If you are just taking a drop or two then you are hardly taking any CBD.

Don’t Forget CBD Doesn’t Get You High

Many people just can’t help but to compare CBD to THC.  They are both cannabinoids, but they work in very different ways.  Although CBD is psychoactive, meaning it does affect the mind, it does not provide any euphoric effects.  CBD can treat anxiety, but it doesn’t treat it by getting you stoned.  All CBD does is calm you down. If you are taking CBD to get stoned, you are simply using the wrong cannabinoid.

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