Why Should You Choose Tampa Bay’s Chillum CBD Dispensary?!


What is CBD?


The easy answer to that question, “What is CBD?”, is that CBD is a compound that is naturally found in the hemp plant. CBD belongs to a class of chemical compounds called cannabinoids. Everyone has an endocannabinoid receptor system, and this is the system of the body that naturally interacts with cannabinoids. When the endocannabinoid receptor system is fed cannabinoids, the results can be pretty amazing! Together these things are capable of doing some amazing things for the human body.

Describing what CBD is capable of is much more difficult.

Unfortunately for us the FDA makes it even harder, they don't allow people who sell CBD over the counter to talk about it's effects or benefits. Which is why we were so vague in the previous section.

Fortunately, there is tons of anecdotal information on the benefits of CBD available on the internet!



Here at Chillum CBD Dispensary, we are dedicated to you and your well-being. We offer products with your busy life in mind. There is a great deal of misinformation out there about CBD and we know that it can be confusing and overwhelming. That is why we want to act as a resource for you.

We offer many different forms and brands of CBD. You may have head of sublingual CBD Oils, also known as CBD tinctures or CBD hemp oil. These oils are popular because they make dosing easy and kick in relatively quickly. However, we offer a range of products designed to plug into any lifestyle….


Curious as to where to buy CBD in Tampa? Consider Chillum CBD Dispensary!


Why Should You Choose Chillum CBD Dispensary?



The CBD craze has hit Florida hard. You can purchase CBD products almost anywhere. There are a number of reason why you should choose Chillum for all your CBD needs. Not only were we the first CBD Dispensary in the Tampa Bay area, see the video below, but we take great pride in what we do. We offer a vast selection of high quality CBD products and accessories. Our staff is highly trained and provides the best customer service around.



Let's See Why Chillum is the Best Choice for CBD:


We Have Been Voted Best Local CBD Shop in Tampa Bay

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Our customers voted for us to win the Best CBD Shop in the Tampa Bay Area.

To learn why we were voted Best CBD Shop in Tampa Bay you just need to keep scrolling. If you live in the Tampa Bay area, visit our store and you will see why Chillum is the best choice for CBD near me! We take great pride in how hard we work. We take a strong approach toward customer service, we are informed on the products we carry, and we make it a point to ensure the customer walks out of the store educated on the products they purchased. That is the difference! We are passionate about what we do! We are here to help! But let’s just take a moment to acknowledge that the customers have spoken! They love Chillum CBD and trust us to offer them the best info and the best CBD products. This is why Chillum is the best choice for CBD near me.
See our listing

We are the First CBD Dispensary in Tampa Bay


We Have Been in the CBD Business Longer Than Anyone Else

At the risk of sounding too cocky…. everyone else in Tampa Bay who has opened a CBD store, or any head shops that now call themselves a CBD Dispensary, is just copying us!!!

We were the first in the Tampa area to take CBD seriously, so serious that when we opened our doors we called ourselves a CBD Dispensary. We wanted it to be known that we were here to offer people a safe source for CBD, and if they needed info on things like dosing, ingestion, and just info on CBD itself Chillum would be here to help.

We realize we just made some very serious claims. So.... we wanted to back them up! Find 3 different news reports below highlighting us as the 1st CBD Dispensary in the Tampa Bay Area!!!


Full Spectrum and Isolate Products Available


If You Don't Want to Consume THC then You Don't Have to.

The different between Full Spectrum CBD and Isolate CBD is simple. Isolate products contain only CBD while Full Spectrum products contain the full extract hemp oil. Full spectrum products are the products that contain less than .3% Delta 9 THC, while isolate products boast that they contain no THC. Full spectrum products provide more medicinal benefits than isolate products due to the presence of other cannabinoids. These cannabinoids (CBN, CBG, THCV, etc.) not only provide their own medicinal benefits but work together with the CBD to provide more benefits. We are very proud to provide our customers with Full Spectrum products.

Some people just don’t want to consume the trace amounts of THC. This could be for several reasons, but it doesn’t matter why, some people just don’t want the THC. Although full spectrum products provide more benefits, we also provide isolate product (no THC) for people who can benefit from CBD and don’t want any of the THC.



Wide Selection

Some CBD stores provide only one brand of CBD.  That is because the store is owned by the CBD line.  This provides the customer a limited selection. We not only offer both isolate and full spectrum products at Chillum, but we also provide a number of different brands and delivery methods to make sure that no matter what the customer’s preference is, we have something for them. We offer everything from CBD Hemp flower, vapes, concentrates, edibles, capsules, sublingual drops, and topicals.  We even have CBD for pets!  Bear in mind, under each one of those categories we offer several different CBD brands to choose from.

We Research Our Products

CBD is not regulated by the FDA.  Many CBD brands can have harmful chemicals in them.  Some might not even have CBD in them.  Due to a lack of regulation in this business anyone can open a CBD company and do whatever they want with the brand.  Since we started doing this we’ve heard a number of horror stories of what many companies try to pass off as CBD. Not only do we only carry well known and reliable brands of CBD but we even go a step further, with our partnership with Canaveral Labs, and provide 3rd party Certificates of Analysis of our hemp flower.

Well Trained Staff

Here is our Hemptender Johana! She earned 100% on her 1st training test!

The people who work at Chillum are not just gas station attendants or head shop clerks.  They are certified Hemptenders.  That means, in order to work at Chillum CBD, they need to study and pass a certification program that ensures the staff is knowledgeable on CBD, other cannabinoids, terpenoids, dosing, methods of ingestion, and how all these things relate to the human body. Not to mention, they are kind, courteous, and provide the best customer service available.


We are one of the few CBD companies that provide CBD Dabs directly into the shop.  A CBD Dab is a quick and easy way to vaporize a large amount of CBD at one time.  We are very proud that we provide this profound service.  This may sound silly at first, but the truth is we help with people’s pain and anxiety right in the shop.  It is a common occurrence to visit Chillum and find relief right in the store.

Premium Phytocannabinoid Rich Hemp Flower

Here is the thing about Phytocannabinoid Rich (PCR) Hemp Flower.  It looks just like cannabis. But if the Delta-9 THC levels are below .3% it is 100% legal.  Many stores choose not to offer flower because they are afraid.  They don’t want their CBD business to be associated with marijuana culture.

We at Chillum CBD Dispensary believe in the medicinal benefits of both cannabis and hemp. We sell hemp but don’t want to downplay the medicinal benefit of cannabis.  Cannabis is a medicine by the constitution of the State of Florida, and we don’t want to judge how people medicate.  We also want to make sure we provide all methods of ingestion for CBD.  We not only provide High Quality PCR Hemp Flower but we also make sure to provide 3rd party Certificates of Analysis for each strain we carry, and it is sold in compliance with Florida regulations.