Will I Fail a Drug Test?

There are two main types of CBD Products.  That is Full Spectrum and Isolate products.  Full spectrum products contain .3% Delta-9 THC and Isolate products contain no Delta-9 THC. 

Full Spectrum

These products are made with the purely extracted oil from the hemp plant.  That means that they contain the “full spectrum” of the components of the hemp plant.  They not only are rich in CBD but are they contain other cannabinoids (including that .3% THC) and terpenes derived from the plant.  These products are the best CBD products available.  This is because you aren’t just using CBD to provide those medicinal benefits. All the components of the plant have something they are useful for and they all work together to provide the medicinal benefits.


However, some people just don’t want to consume THC.  It doesn’t matter why… your religion, your personal beliefs, etc..  Although the full spectrum products provide better medicinal benefits, it is impossible to enjoy the benefits of CBD with no THC.  If that is what you are looking for then Isolate products are for you.  Isolate products are made from deriving the CBD out of the full spectrum hemp oil. Isolate looks like a white powder after it is extracted.  This powder might be added to MCT oil to make a tincture or to a lotion formula to make a topical.

For Chillum CBD Dispensary to guarantee that these products won’t make you fail a drug test brings a lot of liability to the company.  Drug test test for THC in your bloodstream. Also, many drug tests are inaccurate. Because full spectrum products contain trace amounts of THC, we will not guarantee that these products will come up negative.  The way it works is the THC stores itself in your fat cells, and even though those trace amounts are next to nothing, they can build up over time.  If this buildup occurs, you can fail a test.

Isolate product should have no THC and would be safer for someone who has to take a drug test.

However, the customer has to take these products at their own risk.


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